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Foghat Culinary Smoking Fuel - Cherry Tempest

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Luxury Foghat Culinary Smoking Fuel - Cherry Tempest is a cocktail overture of aged cherry wood and passion fruit. This light smoke profile features a sweet, mild flavor with notes of tropical passion fruit fanfare that goes great with virtually everything. Cherry is one of the most popular woods for smoking and will pair with lighter wines and whiskeys. The wood chip luxury smoking fuel is hand crafted from woods, herbs, spices, flowers and teas meticulously designed to complement the most exotic of taste. They are air dried for 18 to 24 months or kiln dried to 8% humidity, then shaved to a fine rolled leaf or flake, the optimal composition for the extraction of culinary flavor for smoke infusions. A final light toasting is performed to optimize the flavor extraction from the wood. No chemicals or preservatives of any kind are added to our smoking fuel. These all natural wood cocktails make the perfect combination of s

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